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I get a laugh from the thankfully fairly small percentage of comments readers of this blog leave that include an observation like, “Not all nursing homes are bad. The ones I’m familiar with provide excellent care.” My response to these comments is, “So? Just because you aren’t familiar with pathetically bad nursing homes doesn’t mean they don’t exist.” The other thing I want to tell these nursing home apologists is, “WHERE does this blog even suggest that all nursing homes are bad?” Since NursingHomeReality doesn’t make such a claim these comments are little more than a smoke screen used to deflect the reality that nursing home care in many facilities located within the USA is a major embarrassment and a pathetic sham.

Don’t believe the claims I make about nursing home neglect and abuse of residents, let alone the problem of corporate greed within the nursing home industry? Then look on the left side of every page of this blog. That’s where you’ll find my Twitter feed. Most of my “Tweets” include links to news articles that focus on the serious problems with many nursing homes in this country! Disagree with me all you like, but now your disagreeing with professional journalists? Please. Get a grip on reality!

Don’t believe the details posted on this blog that highlight short staffing and other problems caused by corporate greed and deception? That’s belief is really pathetic. You see many of the serious complaints about nursing home care posted on this blog were written by current and former nursing home employees. Insiders and whistleblowers know much more than any outsider about the many serious problems with nursing home care.

The fact is, was and sadly will continue to be that the problems discussed on this blog are very real. To deny otherwise is beyond ridiculous.


I finally figured out how to add “Tweets” to this blog, thanks to the technology of the Twitter website. To “Tweet” means that I’ll now be able to provide you with links to news article and commentary about the Nursing Home industry authored and/or published by news media organizations.

Among the hateful comments I’ve received from readers of this blog, occasionally someone will question my analysis of the nursing home industry and the accuracy of what I write. In addition to continuing to attack my own blog entries, now (thanks to my Twitter feeds) my haters will have mainstream journalists to falsely accuse (like they already do me). Bring it!  Discredit me as a nursing home activist all you like. But when the nursing home big shots go on the attack against news organizations, investigative journalists and scientific researchers? Well how’s that working for them in terms of building their credibility with the public? Probably not very well. 🙂  I mention scientific research because it is constantly being conducted on various aspects of the nursing home industry.  Virtually all of these studies both get press coverage and — not surprisingly — point to greed and other problems within the nursing home industry.

You’ll find my Tweets on the left side of your monitor, underneath the heading NURSING HOME NEWS WATCH, near the top of whichever page you are viewing within my blog.

NursingHomeReality now with Twitter “Tweets”…another tool to expose the frighting truth about the greedy nursing home industry!

Nursing Home News Watch

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