You are invited to share, in writing, accounts involving neglect and abuse of nursing home residents. As a community service, we will be happy to consider posting what you share.  Your identity can remain partially or completely anonymous. Partial anonymity means that you would allow your initials to be used to identify yourself. Complete anonymity means that you would be identified simply as “Anonymous” or “Name Withheld”. Partial or complete anonymity: the choice is yours.

For many reasons, including legal liability concerns, we will not publish the name of the nursing home(s) referenced in your story.  This is not being done to protect the nursing home in question.  If you don’t want to pay for the blog owners legal expenses, then you shouldn’t be attempting to post content that would cause him to be sued.  🙂

Since the owner of this blog is not capable of enforcing nursing home regulations or rendering legal advice, publicly identifying the name of a nursing home you’ve had problems should not be seen as a way to remedy your concerns.  We would however be happy to refer you to government agencies and/or attorneys if you are looking for justice through the legal system.

Please remember that we don’t have a “magic wand” to fix any or all of the problems you are experiencing with the nursing home industry. We are glad to listen to your concerns and make suggestions based on our own experience, but please do not expect us to “fix” problems that are beyond our control.

Sharing your story can certainly be healing — both for yourself and others who very well may have witnessed the same outrageous situations that you have encountered. Many of us wondered if only our loved one had experienced such horror. As family members, friends, nursing home employees and others find the courage to share their story with others, we become catalysts for nursing home reform and we experience community with others who have experienced our frustration.

One thing is for sure: the nursing home industry will never get better unless more of us publicly speak (and write) the truth about situations that otherwise go unreported! Together we can bring about positive changes that will create positive changes for future generations of nursing home residents.

Who may contribute content to this blog? Certainly nursing home residents themselves are welcome to share, as many of them have Internet access. Family members and friends of nursing home residents as well as nursing home employees are also invited to contribute their stories.

Please send your written account(s) of nursing home abuse and neglect to flamboyantbohemian (be sure to replace the “_AT_” with “@”) and type Nursing Home Reality in the subject line of your message. You may also share your story by clicking on the “Comment” link listed at the bottom of all journal entries.