When facing the evils of corporate greed, deception, neglect and abuse so clearly present within the nursing home industry, it seems to us that prayer is definitely needed for significant, let alone long-lasting changes to take place.

The following is a list of concerns we encourage you to be praying about that will directly impact the quality of nursing home care.

You are welcome to suggest additional concerns that you would like to see added to this list. The owner of this blog is always glad to pray for specific individuals (caregivers and nursing home residents), so feel free to share your prayer requests.

— For God’s protection to surround at every moment every nursing resident . . . protection from abuse, abandonment, neglect and negligence . . . protection from all injury and harm for each nursing home resident from their caregivers, from themselves, from fellow residents, from volunteers, visitors and indeed from all persons who will come into contact with nursing home residents.

— That all legal rights of every nursing home resident be respected by the facility in which they live.

— We ask God to break the very backbone of corporate greed that exists within the nursing home industry . . . asking that this evil be replaced with a firm commitment (in both word and deed) to providing nothing less than compassionate care for each nursing home resident.

— We ask God to comfort nursing home residents so they are not overwhelmed by fear, loneliness and anxiety . . . May God grant every nursing home resident plenty of caregivers, volunteers and visitors who will spend quality time with them on a regular basis and in so doing ease the emotional and spritiual burden many nursing home residents feel.

— For the truly compassionate and hard working certified nurses aides and nurses working within the nursing home industry…we implore God to give them an excellent work ethic, an ability to be loving and kind to all residents who’s care is entrusted to them (even when the resident is not capable of being loving and kind to their caregiver).

— We implore God to protect nursing home residents from doctors and other caregivers who would prescribe medications (both the types of medication and the dosage) in a manner that would create a situation of “chemical restraint” to exist for the resident.

— We ask God to raise up a new generation of individuals to work within the nursing home industry who will have a heart full of loving compassion for their residents.

— We ask God to provide an adequate number of caregivers — especially certified nurses aides and nurses — to meet the need within the nursing home industry…and we ask that God provide the grace to nursing home management to make sure that they are staffing their facility with an adequate number of caregivers at all times.

— We ask God to touch the hearts and minds of legislators who’s vote has been bought by contributions from the nursing home industry…may the personal greed of these elected officials be overcome by a desire for justice and true compassion for nursing home residents.

— We ask for a true miracle: That nursing homes owners, administrators and staff stop lying, “spinning” and deceiving nursing home residents, their family members and health care advocates — and state nothing less than the truth when they record information in the charts of nursing home residents.

— For the family members and friends of nursing home residents: may they have the willingness to regularly visit their loved one and courageously advocate for nothing less than compassionate and quality care for the one they visit.

— We ask God to give courage to every person who wittnesses abuse, abandonment, neglience or neglect of a nursing home resident so that such incidents are promptly reported to the state…we also ask God’s protection from retaliation surround those who do report such incidents…we ask God’s protection from retalition for nursing home residents who report incidents of harm caused by their caregivers.