If you believe that a nursing home resident is in danger of injury or death for any reason, you should immediately call 911 to seek police and/or medical (EMS) intervention. While calling Adult Protective Service in your area can also be helpful, calling 911 in an emergency is the first place to seek immediate help.

DISCLAIMER: The owner of this blog is not an attorney and therefore does not provide legal advice or referrals to attorneys. If you feel that you have grounds for a lawsuit (either as a nursing home resident, on behalf of a nursing home resident or as a nursing home employee), while we care about your situation, again we are not in a position to offer advice that should ONLY come from a practicing attorney. This blog is written from the perspective of a family member of a nursing home resident who passed away in 2009 and is based on the experierce of dealing with several understaffed, dishonest and poorly managed nursing homes over a nearly five year period. So while we know the signs of a pathetically run nursing home and common lies that come from nursing home management and staff and are aware of the problem of insanely outrageous greed within the for-profit nursing home industry, we simply can not answer your legal questions. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE LEGAL QUESTIONS ON THIS OR ANY OTHER PAGE OF THIS BLOG. ALL LEGAL QUESTIONS WILL BE DELETED AND NOT POSTED. Why? Start at the beginning of this paragraph and read it again.

In non-emergency situations the best place to begin when the situation involves the care of a nursing home resident is with your local Long-Term Care Ombudsman. Not sure how to contact one for  your area? Ask a reference librarian at your local library or the nursing home where your loved one resides. A search of the Internet can often lead you to easily finding this information.

If nursing home ownership, management or staff threaten you in any way (retaliation) for reporting nursing home matters to law enforcement, adult protective services or other officials or agencies you should immediately report such situations to the agency in your state (or District of Columbia) that regulates nursing homes and/or consult with an attorney in your area.

To clarify: we do not refer to attorneys. Check with your local or state Bar Association or search online for an attorney that deals with nursing home cases and/or elder abuse.