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If you are a resident of Kentucky, this urgent request is for you! Nursing homes in the Commonwealth are again attempting to obtain special protections from being sued. They will do anything to protect their billion-dollar industry from being held accountable, and Kentucky Senate Bill 6 is this year’s attempt to shield themselves from being held financially accountable for abuse and neglect of the residents entrusted to their care! SHAME on these greedy corporations and the Corporate Whores who protect them by their lobbying efforts!

UPDATE: Senate Bill 6 PASSED last week (early February) in the Kentucky Senate Health & Welfare Committee. Thankfully it looks to be headed for defeat AGAIN in the Kentucky House! But to assure it’s defeat in the House (so it can’t be signed into law by the Governor), your helps is STILL NEEDED: Please contact your Kentucky State Representative! They NEED to know your thoughts NOW on the proposed legislation dealing with this important matter! Ask your legislator today to vote NO on Senate Bill 6. You can follow this link to find your senator if you don’t know who your senator and representative are: Once you know their names, call the Capital Annex and leave a message for him/her at 502-564-8100. Again: VOTE NO ON SENATE BILL 6 — because nursing homes are not entitled to special rights!