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I’ve had it with folks who defend the nursing home industry and it’s employees as if some really serious problems don’t exist that threaten the well-being of residents. REAL problems — including some very serious ones — DO exist and I’m not going to be silenced about these issues by the toxic apologists of the nursing home industry! Yes, some very wonderful individuals have (and are) working in the industry, but some very evil people have (and still are) causing real harm to nursing home residents and SILENCE ABOUT THOSE INDIVIDUALS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!

You don’t believe what I just wrote? Really. How can you deny the abuse of an Oklahoma nursing home resident that is featured in the news video below? The video does NOT lie! This video shows the resident shown being abused by two of her certified nurses aides — in her nursing home room!  Make no mistake: this once incident is just the tip of the iceberg!

Please click on the follow link to view a video clip, courtesy of News9 in Oklahoma City, that shows the horrible abuse of a 95 year old nursing home resident: .

Please note that near the end of the video clip it was mentioned that it is estimated between 24,000 to 63.000 acts of physical abuse of nursing home residents by nursing home staff take place every year! This estimate refers JUST in OKLAHOMA! Multiply that shocking estimate by 50 states and the District of Columbia! This situation is a national tragedy and truly a source of shame!

May God help our nation and world when both this kind of abuse goes on and when non-abusers are silent about the abuse!


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