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Some recent comments sent to me by readers of this blog, as well as attempts to abuse this blog by “spammers”, lead me to address some issues. What I’m about to share is very important, so I hope you’ll take the time to read it carefully.

For family members who request my assistance:  I regularly hear from family members and even friends of nursing home residents who clearly have serious and very valid concerns about the lack of quality care being received by the resident. The phrase “lack of care” doesn’t really do justice to the very serious situations reported to me!

The problem is that some folks assume that either I have some sort of legal authority or can magically intervene to resolve their nursing home related concern(s). Make no mistake: I can (and will be glad to) share my thoughts and offer suggestions to those who write me based on my experience as a family member of a nursing home resident. But other than pray for your sitaution that is ALL I can do.  I wish I could do more, but that simply isn’t possible. I’m NOT an attorney, judge, Ombudsman or employee of any government agency charged with regulating nursing homes

I will tell you all up front that if you have a problem with a nursing home that you can’t result after confronting the facility directly, you need to contact your local long-term care Ombudsman. EVERY part of the United States has one or more Ombudsman who lookd after the legal rights and concerns of nursing home residents. Most of these are paid to do their job, while many are unpaid volunteers. All of them are responsibile for a very large number of nursing home residents in their region, so you need to be patient and give a reasonable amount of time to respond to your concerns.

If you have a concern about a nursing home resident that you consider to be a crisis or involves a situation where the life and/or safety of a nursing home resident is involved, then I would urge you to consider taking one or more than one of the following actions: contact the state agency responsible for regulating nursing homes in your state, contact a local Crisis Hotline and/or call 911 to get request an intervention by police, Adult Protection Services or other government agency/agencies who respond to nursing home situations that need outside intervention.

Remember that I’m located in Louisville, Kentucky. If you aren’t within 75 miles of where I live, please consult someone other than me to find the contact information for your local Ombudsman, state nursing home regulatory agency or other authority. Usually a simple search using Google or some other search engine will help  you find the contact information you need. If you want to discuss your situation with me, that’s fine. But when it comes to expect me to know the phone numbers you need outside of the immediate where I’m located, you need to be responsible for doing that.

Remember that ALL nursing homes are LEGALLY required to give anyone who asks (especially family members and friends of their residents) the phone number for the local Ombudsman and state agency that regulates that particular nursing home. For any nursing home to refuse to provide this information, when requested, would be a most serious matter!  Retaliation against nursing home residents, their family members and others for reporting problems related to the care of a nursing home resident is most illegal and should always be reported immediately to the state regulatory agency (e.g., In Indiana that agency is the Indiana Board of Health, in Kentucky the agency is known as the Office of Inspector General, etc.). AGAIN: Every local area has an Ombudsman and every state has a nursing home regulatory agency.

For spammers and others who attempt to abuse this website and my Twitter feed: Y’all might as well cut it out! I regularly review the list of persons who are following my Twitter feed and IMMEDIATELY DELETE those who are in any way selling merchandise and/or have a commercial (e.g. for-profit) motive to contact my readers. Whatever you are selling you aren’t going to sell it through this website or my Twitter account.

The same goes to spammers who leave comments on this website that really have nothing to do with what they appear to be commenting on, but include a link to some sort of business-related website. Your comments will NEVER be approved, therefore you links will never be seen on this website.

Other than that, I’m a really nice guy who cares deeply about the well-being of nursing home residents!


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