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Except for the goofy spam messages I receive, I truly appreciate all of the comments I receive in response to my NursingHomeReality blog. I read every one of them and add many of them to my blog. Of the comments I post to my blog, I’m especially careful to protect the identity when the writer is a family member of a nursing home resident or a nursing home staff member writing about problems in the facility where they work, so as to protect these individuals (and/or their family members) from retaliation.

Occasionally I receive comments from nursing home staff members (administrators, nurses, CNAs and others) that scold me for daring to point out problems involving abusive, negligent and/or dishonest nursing home staff members. They assume that I have used my blog to condemn all staff members. In reality I have NEVER accused ALL nursing home staff members of bad behavior. In fact, I have occasionally pointed out that many nursing home staff members (particularly nurses and CNAs) are great people doing wonderful things for their residents. I even devoted one post to discuss the intense pressure that administrators face, showing that while I’ve often found things to criticize about nursing home management that I nonetheless am sensitive to the pressures management personnel face that discourage them from doing the right (let alone honest) thing in dealing with problems in their facility.

So if you (nursing home staff reading this blog) want to mischaracterize my comments, go ahead. If you aren’t doing so to manipulate me into becoming silent, I respectfully suggest that you take some time and look over the many entries I’ve written over the past few years so as to get a fairer perspective of what NursingHomeReality is all about.

Allow me to point out that the nursing home industry — proving their intensely evil nature — does everything it can to silence it’s critics. A more mature approach would be to have enough integrity to be introspective enough to learn and grow from their critics. But instead, they just want all of us to shut up and go away.

MY RESPONSE TO THE CORRUPT NURSING HOME  INDUSTRY: I WONT SHUT UP. I WONT STOP POSTING TO THIS BLOG ABOUT THE OBVIOUSLY BAD THINGS THAT GO ON IN NURSING HOMES. You can’t make me shut up and I wont shut up. I wont be silenced by the “soft fascism” of your evil attempts to silence your critics. If this blog were to ever shut down, I’d have no problem immediately finding another webhost that would respect and protect my freedom of speech.

What does it tell you about an industry when they feel that they are above criticism? It makes me think they have LOTS to hide.


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