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I received a hash (OK, downright hateful) missive earlier today from an individual who appears to be a nursing home administrator.  I feel that the writer’s confusion about what I’m posting on this blog deserves a response. Even if I can’t clear up their obvious misunderstandings about me and my situation, at least I can take this opportunity to introduce myself to those of you who are new to reading this blog.

First, the dear writer of the hateful message questioned if I personally knew about “Medicaid nursing homes”, meaning a long-term care facility that accepts payment for resident care from Medicaid. While I’ve never been a paid employee of any nursing home, indeed Medicaid-funded nursing homes are the ONLY kind of nursing homes I am familiar with.  Most all of the funding for my late mother’s nursing home care came from Medicaid.  While I wasn’t on staff at any of the facilities where my mother lived, it was not uncommon for me to be inside the nursing homes where my mother lived for an average of 6 to 8 hours per day, nearly every single day my mother lived in such “Medicaid Nursing Homes”, which again were the ONLY kind of nursing homes she ever lived in.

So yes, as a family member who for nearly five years personally experienced, day in and day out, what goes on in nursing homes, I’m more than qualified to comment on the industry and to challenge the deceptive, manipulative crap that it tries to get away with in the name of “resident care”. One of the truly evil methods nursing home owners and management engage in (some on a nearly daily basis) is lying to nursing home residents and family members about the very real problems that residents have to endure. To the paid liars who work for the nursing home industry I have a message: you can lie or deny all you want, but the truth is still the truth!

To correct the misunderstanding of the writer in terms of how I view the nursing home industry and the individuals who work in it, let me state again that I know there are many excellent, compassionate and honest people who work as care givers in nursing homes.  I would like to believe that most nurses and aides are worthy of great respect for consistently providing excellent care.

Further, as I have already acknowledged on this blog, I realize that virtually all staff members — including nursing home administrators — experience a degree of stress (sometimes LOTS of stress), especially if they truly care about the resident’s  entrusted to their care. You will always have CNAs, nurses and administrators who seem to only care about one thing: collecting a pay check. As such, they give (at best) mediocre care to the individuals they are paid to take care of.

We all know (and messages I regularly receive from nursing home staff members are in agreement with this observation) that there are serious problems within the nursing home industry — most of which appear to be tied directly to the underlying problem of corporate greed.  Further, while non-profit nursing homes are certainly not “perfect”, from all appearances they provide a higher quality of care (including the ones who accept Medicaid payment) than their for-profit counterparts.

As long as mediocre administrators, incompetent caregivers and deceptive employees are part of the nursing home industry, obviously this blog (and others) that challenge the status quo are much needed. Someone has to spread the truth in order to stop the suffering caused by the harmful individuals who work within the nursing home industry.

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