Over the past several weeks I’ve begun to keep a much closer eye on news media coverage of the many aspects of the nursing home industry.  Information I’ve discovered points to a disturbing pattern involving massive fraud and deception by numerous players in the industry!

It is abundantly clear that HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars in government funding given to nursing homes with the expectation that the monies would be used to increase staffing levels and improve other aspects of resident care have instead gone to significantly increase the profit margins of many for-profit nursing home owners. This problem may involve facilities in nearly 30 states (including Kentucky, Indiana and California) and can be traced as far back as 2003, when individual states (thanks to pressure from the wealthy nursing home industry) began offering financial incentives with the intention that the funding would  improve the quality of nursing home care.  Not surprising to those of us who have had loved ones living in nursing homes over the past decade, the quality of resident care has actually significantly declined!

For-profit nursing homes guilty of fraud and deception involving government money?  Say it ain’t so!  Then again, over the past few weeks we’ve also uncovered many news reports that tell the tale of entire nursing home corporations — from Georgia to Ohio — being indicted for deceptively over-billing Medicare and other insurance providers.

Yes, friends. Stealing, lying and other forms of deception are all-too-common within the nursing home industry.  When it comes to dealing with nursing facilities on a personal level (regarding the care of a loved one) you are wise to be cynical and to closely examine every claim made by the pathological liars that are all-too-present within the nursing home industry!