My own experiences while advocating for my mother’s health care when she lived at an unbelievably awful nursing home in Jeffersonville, Indiana, not to mention nurerous messages I’ve received from visitors to this website and the verbal accounts shared by nursing home reform advocates lead me to strongly believe that many nursing home owners, administrators and management personnel are major league control freaks!  Despite our constitutional right to Freedom of Speech, many of these nut jobs will do whatever they can to bluff and manipulate nursing home residents and their family members into keeping silent about the neglect and abuse suffered by many nursing home residents.

I’ve even had two nursing home administrators contact me through this blog within the past month to attempt to pressure me into “softening” my criticism of the nursing home industry.  Please: Don’t waste your time!  I will NOT be silent and I WILL continue to expose the truth about the hideously inapporpriate nature of nuring home care in the United States. Nursing home insiders may think they have the right to silence their critics, but they don’t!

If a nursing home owner, administrator or other management person has attempted to silence you, I want to know about it!  If they’ve tried to prevent you from visiting your loved one inside a nursing home (in clear violation of the resident’s civil rights), please share this information with me!  If you’ve been fired in retaliation for reporting to the state, discussing with a family member or nursing home management regarding problems within a nursing home setting, then please allow me to share your nightmare with the readers of this blog!

The tactics some nursing home officials use to control others are not only emotionally toxic, they are often illegal.  I believe that shining the light of truth on this frighening aspect of the nursing home industry is one way to bring about change. If they deep down believed that they were in the right, then why would these people attempt to silence their critics? They know the nursing home industry has some major problems and the word is and will eventually get out about the seriousness of these problems, regardless of what the control freaks attempt to do!

The Indianapolis Star ( has published a second scathing investigative report about the serious problems in nursing homes throughout the Hoosier state.  This newest well-documented article focuses on the mis-use of government money that was supposed to go into improving nursing home care — but instead ended up being used to line the pockets of the big for-profit nursing home chains.

In this most recent news article, the following tale was related about a Kindred Healthcare owned and operated facility in Greenfield, Indiana. This is the kind of thing that the control freaks don’t want you to know, but I’m going to tell you about because you (as a taxpayer) have a RIGHT to know just how dysfunctional and dangerous nursing homes have become — and by mis-spending your tax monies residents are being allowed to slowly starve to death because the greedy people who run the facilities wont hire enough staff to feed the residents…

Just last year (2009), an Indiana Board of Health investigation at Regency Place revealed a blind and toothless resident wasn’t being provided with food appropriate for their medical conditions.  In fact, it appears this dear woman wasn’t even being offered assistance with feeding (something a blind person clearly deserves to be offered at every meal!).  “Inspectors found the woman trying to eat by dipping her fingers in her glass of milk and then sucking on them” to obtain nourishment!

Nursing home residents, many who suffer with dementia and are thus unable to speak up for their rights, need our voices (yours and mine!) to protect them from corporate greed.  Therefore we must NEVER allow the control freaks to silence us.  Indeed (to borrow a line from activists who have supported various causes over the years), “Silence = Death”!