I have decided that an effective way to prove the point that nursing homes in Kentucky and Indiana (plus all of the other states where minimum staffing standards are not in place thanks to gutless state legislators who are in bed with the nursing home industry) are dangerously understaffed is to show up with a video camera in hand at nursing homes — unannounced.  I will do this at times other than regular business hours (when the Administrator and Director of Nursing are likely not onsite), like evenings, in the middle of the night and on weekends and holidays.  I will be consulting an attorney about my legal right to do this within the next few days.  Assuming I do have a legal right to do this, then it will happen!

I would love to find other nursing home reform activists who are willing to join me in this action.  Whether you want to come along with me as a wittness, or you do this independently of my efforts, this desperately needs to happen! I will also be consulting the news departments of area television stations to enlist their help.  The next thing will be to post our video evidence on YouTube and on this blog to help get out the word (and the pictures) about the depth of the problem of corporate greed as expressed through nursing home understaffing!