The software that I use to create this blog provides me, on a daily basis, with a list of the words and phrase the folks who visit this website have used (through Google or other search engines) in order to find NursingHomeReality.  Your words and phrases — a small portion of which are listed below — are a true testimony to the fact that you (and you and you) are NOT alone in having strong concerns about the care your loved one is receiving in a nursing home setting.

Affirming that you NOT alone in having your concerns is important because (and I know this from my own experience of watching out for my late mother’s interests when she was a nursing home resident) nursing home administrators, nurses and even occasionally CNA’s have a nasty habit of acting as if you (and only you) find problems with the qualty of care your loved one is receiving.  To hear their spin, ONLY YOU would dare question what they are doing (or typically, NOT doing) to care for your loved one. As you read the following search terms that were used to find this blog, remember that you are NOT alone!

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written up while working in nursing home

So keep asking questions!

Remain vigilent when it comes to looking out for the concerns of your loved ones living in a nursing home!

Keep on advocating for nursing home reform!

While you do these things, remember: you are NOT alone (even if nursing home employees tell you otherwise). Some of us have wondered aloud if a mannual exists to teach these folks how to lie…how to spin…how to shame and bully those of us who dare ask questions…who dare file complaints with the state…who dare challenge pathetic nursing home care. We wont be intimidated. We wont be silenced. We will continue to demand reform.