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My thanks to D.L. for sharing the following account of nursing home neglect and poor work ethics with us. Whether it’s nursing home staff taking an excessive number of smoking breaks, talking on their cell phones while on duty, or standing around gossipping with co-workers instead of caring for the needs of the residents assigned to their care, this sort of inappropriate behavior is an all-too-common problem found in many nursing homes.

It seems to me that having a “daily allotment” of wash rags, is an example of corporate greed could endanger the health and safty of residents. Does the state know about this policy?

I encourage D.L. to share all of this information with her area long-term care Ombudsman and/or the administrator of the facility where her sister resides.


This past Sunday when I visited my sister at the nursing home she is in, at 11:20am when I arrived, the housekeeping/laundry supervisor was sitting in a chair in the tv room playing the “Wii” video game that had been bought for the residents to use. At 12:30pm he was still in the chair. I heard later that he was supposed to be mopping the floor.When we went to give our sister a shower, which we do twice a week, there were no clean wash cloths. An aide told us they had been told they had used their “alloted amount for the day” and couldn’t have any more clean ones until the next morning.Later in the day, when residents got their supper trays, the only silverware in the napkins was a fork and a straw. The sad thing is the residents had SOUP for supper. Staff had to find plastic spoons for the residents to eat with.

Wouldn’t the time of the housekeeping/laundry supervisor been better spent washing laundry instead of playing with the Wii?


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