May God richly bless our friend Bernie Vonderheide, founder of Kentuckians for Nursing Home Reform, for his hard work on behalf of creating positive changes in nursing homes within the Commonwealth of Kentucky! His commitment is truly inspiring and his organization is one that I urge all of my fellow Kentuckians to support.

Bernie shares the following words of encouragement as we start this blog…

Congratulations on starting an important educational blog.

One of the biggest problems in nursing home reform is that most people do not understand the problems unless that have been there and actually seen it.  That is why education is such an important part of our mission.

We encourage everyone to share their experiences with the public through this new blog.

Looking forward to being a daily reader, and congratulations once again.

Thanks Bernie for those thoughtful words!

Allow me to remind you that while Bernie and others of us are very much public figures in the area of nursing home industry reform, we will respect your request for anonymity should you chose to share your story for publication. We will also keep your e-mail address completely confidential.